Bus Shelter Advertising: with Sound. Invisible Digital Signage Speakers Grab Attention

Bus Shelter Advertising installed by Primesight – http://www.primesight.co.uk/ using Feonic digital signage speakers to create attention grabbing sound from surfaces. No visible sound source such as visible speakers, wires or grilles. Feonic Surface Speakers are hidden behind the bus shelter surfaces – safely inside the structure. Our Surface Speaker approach plays sound on both sides of surfaces. The speaker is secure inside the display panel, free from attention of thieves or vandals and free from adverse weather conditions.

A creative new dimension for the best out of home ads.

Hear a Cough : Catch Attention.


Interactive Bus Shelter and Bus Stop Advertising

Bus Shelter Ads are easily ignored. Sound grabs attention. Feonic Digital Signage Speakers boost the best creative advertising ideas

Creative “Coughing” Bus Shelter Advertising Display


People waiting at the stop can hear the sound of a man coughing before a woman is heard urging people to visit their GP if they, or someone they know, has had a cough for three weeks or more.

The shelter has been placed in Sandgate, in Ayr’s town centre. Run by the Scottish government’s Detect Cancer Early campaign, the project aims to raise awareness of a cough as a key sign of lung cancer.

The bus shelter also bears the image of a man coughing, alongside the campaign’s strapline – “Don’t get scared, get checked”.

Digital Signage Speakers for Out Of Home Advertising – With Sound

Advantages of adding sound include:

  • Use sound to enhance interactivity with digital signage. Attract attention to your bus shelter advertising like nothing else can
  • Incorporated within existing structure and materials of the display;  no holes, grilles or design modifications
  • Sound exactly where you want it; eliminates speaker “hot spots”
  • Excellent voice / spoken word intelligibility
  • Simple to integrate with motion detectors and beacons
  • Environment / weather and theft resistant both indoors or outdoors

Our digital signage speakers are ideal for static out of home advertising too. Turn a simple advertising display into an attention grabbing device simply by adding spoken voice or music effects. The audio needn’t be loud and only plays when people are detected nearby. And the unique diffuse sound created by our surface speaker approach ensures sound pollution is minimised.

Our drives are small, lightweight and are easy to install and remove after the campaign is over. Move them to a new location to attract the attention of a new audience. Lightweight amplifiers are available, with audio input from sources such as mp3 players.


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