Vibration Speaker Videos

Invisible Speakers in Action

Feonic Sound Transducers turn surfaces into vibration speakers. Feonic have led the development of vibration speaker sound transducers for over 15 years. We make use of the massively powerful yet surface friendly low amplitude feature of magnetostriction. This is much more than a speaker for cereal boxes and other lightweight surfaces. Instead, our technology works best on heavier resonant surfaces such as windows, wooden floors, interior walls, metal surfaces etc. Take a look below at some of our vibration speaker videos. Visit our Youtube Channel for more.

Pop Up Gig at TOPSHOP London

Up and coming singer Delilah performs a concert in a store window. No outside PA equipment; no security issues with a stage needing guarding overnight; simpler regulatory hurdles and audio works inside and outside the store.

Interactive Advertising Audio Visual Installation

Feonic Sound Transducers turning the Peter Jones of London store windows into giant speakers. Helping to create a dynamic interactive audio visual installation for the Samsung 8000 TV launch.

CNN Business News – Peter Jones, London

Visual Merchandising retail promotion trial – “Stunned by the response”

Invisible Speakers

Feonic Invisible Speakers work on a wide range of resonant surfaces. Our powerful technology can drive even the heaviest of surfaces. And yet, due to the extremely low amplitude of vibration (technically known as excursion) our vibration speakers won’t damage even the most delicate of surfaces.

RMS Research – watch the heads turning

Attract New Customers using Whispering Window. A 3rd party retail consultancy measured the effectiveness of the window display with and without the audio. Watch some of the reactions.

Email Us for more information about Whispering Window® so you too can make more effective use of your Visual Merchandising Display opportunities.

We hope our sample set of vibration speaker videos will help you understand how we can exceed your expectations for sound without speakers. Use the links below to learn more on our main website.

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