Agreement with Spearheading Limited

FeONIC has signed a distribution agreement with Spearheading Limited ("Spearheading") to address the needs of people who have hearing loss in the United Kingdom with respect to the 2005 Disability Discrimination Act. Plus Markets

Distribution Agreement with ConnectIT

FeONIC Enters Norway through Exclusive Distribution Agreement with ConnectIT. ConnectIT produces bespoke multimedia presentations for store chains, shopping malls and stores. Plus Markets

Agency agreement with Techtonic

Agency agreement with Techtonic Architectural Solutions to target Middle East construction industry markets in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Libya. FeONIC products are to be used as the audio source in paneling products and construction materials. Plus Markets

FeONIC Transport

Agreement between First Class Partnerships and FeONIC to form FeONIC Transport. Find out about FeONIC Transports public address speakers without the echos.

Pharaohs Brought to Life … with Sound – Museum Display Case Audio

Feonic’s Invisible Speakers discreetly create a museum display case audio system. Directional sound as the audio comes directly from the exhibit. Product-  F4 audio drives Researcher –  Francesca Monti Museum Display Case Audio System Many Galleries and Museums around the world have used Feonic’s F4 Presenter Pro product to create …

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